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Brunel University London

Brunel is an internationally renowned university at the leading edge of global research. An emphasis on collaborative and applied research provides a focus on creating socio-economic impact and commercial benefits - from bringing new products to market and developing the latest science and technology to offering innovative solutions for complex business problems. Brunel is located close to Heathrow airport, London

Brunel researchers and experts cover five strategic challenge areas:

  1. Health: planetary health, human health and wellbeing across the bio-life science and medical science
  2. Communities: global, secure and connected communities, including cultural, economic, and social science
  3. Digital: digital futures, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data
  4. Sustainability: clean energy, sustainable growth, circular and bio economies
  5. Manufacturing: mechanics, smart manufacturing and materials innovation

World leading experts, research strength and R&D facilities are available: 

Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology

Experimental Techniques Centre

All research groups

A dedicated team of professionals in the Research Support & Development Office (RSDO) at Brunel ensures that legal, contractual and Intellectual Property issues are fully managed in an agile fashion and that the relationship between Brunel academics and their counterparts within collaborating companies is supported. Funded collaborative research opportunities are constantly sourced by RSDO and partner companies are welcome to contact Brunel if an opportunity fits their expertise and objectives.